Janna teaches about Paul's exhortation to the Colossian church to be devoted to prayer, and what that should look like for us.

Meghan teaches on the purpose of marriage, the difference between a covenant and a contract, and the incredible way God approaches covenant.

Melanie Gibson explores Paul's reasoning that if anything goes against the basics of our faith, something is wrong.

Just Jesus

Janna Vaughan reminds us that salvation is found in Jesus. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is Week 2 of "Beyond Me: A Study Through Colossians." What we believe determines how we live, so it's important that we believe the truth. Thankfully, the truth isn't hidden. God's revealed it through Jesus Christ. Meghan Congdon teaches on Paul's beautiful prayer for the Colossian church and what it means for us.

Join us as we start our journey through Colossians with Dr. Jackie Roese's study, "Beyond Me." Meghan Congdon teaches the big picture context, the theme of the letter, and the practical application of Jesus as our ultimate reality.

The only way we can really know who we are is through our relationship with God and Who He Is.  One of the best ways we can remember our identity in Him, then, is to preach the gospel to ourselves every day.  We're worse than we think we are.  We're loved more than we can imagine.

We hear that when we remember someone with a gift, that it's the thought that counts.  But the better we know a person, the more thoughtful we can be - and the same is true with God.  When we remember Who God Is, we remember Him in ways that reflect His character, not according to who we are.  After all, it's not the thought that counts - it's the heart.

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